A study in support of a DG Research & Innovation Projects for Policy (P4P) report – Étude

This study has been carried out to support related work on an initiative of DG Research and Innovation called ‘Projects for Policy’ initiative (P4P). It deals specifically with ‘Low-Carbon Process Industries through Energy Efficiency and Carbon Dioxide Utilisation’. The study objective is to assess the related results of research projects funded at EU level under different instruments, including Horizon 2020. These results should accordingly support the deployment of novel low carbon technologies in industry. The study includes the assessment of a large portfolio of European funded research projects (559 in total), complemented by a review of the literature in the field and a survey specifically designed to obtain policy relevant input from project stakeholders. The last section of the report proposes recommendations, with specific measures, to make the European industry more sustainable and competitive, contributing to the realisation of the COP21 objectives. DG Research and Innovation will soon publish its own assessment.