CO2 Value Europe welcomes the German Presidency Program “Together for Europe’s recovery”

Our future climate and European economy strongly depends on the decisions taken in the context of the recovery from the global coronavirus pandemic. Based on the European Green Deal, the German Presidency has committed to ensuring that the transition towards a sustainable economy will be accomplished. CVE is pleased to see this Presidency of the Council of the EU focusing on decisive challenges, such as innovation and sustainability. With Germany holding the Presidency, German national efforts towards a climate neutral economy (hydrogen strategy, coal-exit programme, renewable energy integration) will provide an impulse also at European scale.

Carbon Capture and Utilisation (CCU) shall play a key role towards a sustainable and resilient Europe in decreasing CO2 emissions and in moving away from fossil fuel use. The CCU concept consists of capturing CO2 from the industry or directly from the atmosphere and recycle it to create valuable products such as synthetic fuels, building materials and a broad range of chemicals

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