What if …. … CO2 recycling becomes an industrial standard?

Brussels, 26 March 2019

2nd CO2 Value Day, Cologne, 19 March 2019

Global CO2 emissions can be significantly reduced by Carbon Capture & Utilitisation. This is the outcome of the second CO2 Value Day organized by CO2 Value Europe, an Association that assembles around 70 companies and institutions across diverse sectors that all deal with CO2 recycling.

CO2 Capture and Utilisation (CCU) is a broad term that covers all established and innovative industrial processes that can transform CO2 into a variety of value-added products such as chemical building blocks, synthetic fuels and building materials. The development and market deployment of CO2 Utilisation technologies is becoming one of the major growth areas in Europe’s future low carbon economy. https://www.co2value.eu/co2-utilisation

A CCU industry is forming

Numerous different technologies that utilise CO2 have been developing over the last decades. Meanwhile, many of them have reached a maturity where industrial scale up has become a realistic option. Given the urgency to reduce CO2 emissions by all means available, the Association votes for a stronger political support to bring these technology to commercial scale, as CCU can support the climate immediately.

Global collaboration and commercialisation

Furthermore, at this second CO2 Value Day the creation was announced of CO2 Value Australia (CVA) as a group of corporations and research organisations involved in the emerging CCU industry in Australia. CO2 Value Australia was inspired by the creation of CO2 Value Europe last year and the two organisations plan to collaborate in the future. In addition, CO2 Value Europe is already cooperating actively with like-minded CO2 recycling initiatives in North America to stimulate the development of the CCU industry at the global scale.

Going forward, the association will particularly focus on the development of integrated pilot projects aimed at demonstrating the CCU business cases across the complete value chain, while continuing to advocate for supportive market and regulatory frameworks to accelerate the deployment of CCU-based technologies and products.

Once again, our event provided a great opportunity for networking among our current and future members. The attendees learned about the association’s achievements and objectives while discussing the exciting opportunities and  future of the CCU industry. I am personally pleased with where we are with CO2 Value Europe after only one year of existence. I am convinced the CCU industry’s potential is much bigger than currently reflected in political frameworks. Creativity, entrepreneurship and courage for joint projects will showcase that we can build this industry now and not only in 10 years”, said Stefanie Kesting, President of CO2 Value Europe.

CO2 Value Europe is the industry-driven European Association which is committed to coordinate and represent the CO2 Utilisation community in Europe and to build up an integrated vision and action plan to develop CO2 Utilisation into a new industrial sector making a significant contribution to Europe’s low carbon economy. It is the only association in Europe entirely dedicated to the subject, gathering stakeholders from all the relevant sectors of the CO2 value chain: CO2 emitters from all significant process and energy intensive industries, providers of decarbonated energy, industrial gas experts, CO2 conversion technology providers, and users of CO2-based products.

Media contact: francoise.maon@co2value.eu To join the Association or to receive its newsletter, please email contact@co2value.eu For more information on our activities: www.co2value.eu


More info on the event: On 19 March 2019, more than 100 current and potential members of CO2 Value Europe met in Cologne. It was held a day ahead of the 7th Conference on Carbon Dioxide as Feedstock for Fuels, Chemistry and Polymers, which attracted over 200 participants. It was a record participation for both events.

CO2 Value Europe was founded at the end of 2017 and represents the Carbon Capture and Utilisation (CCU) sector across industries. It has been significantly growing since then and held its first official Annual General Meering, followed by a networking event where more than 50 member companies and institutions pitched their activities to the community, and key topics of strategic importance for the emerging CCU industry were discussed.