COValue Europe is the only association exclusively dedicated to Carbon Capture and Utilisation (CCU), i.e. the conversion of CO2 into valuable products.

We bring together partners from the complete CO2 value chain as well as all relevant industry sectors, with a focus on 3 pillars: CO2-to-Chemicals, CO2-to-Fuels and CO2-to-Materials.

We are committed to coordinate and represent the CO2 Utilisation community in Europe and to build up an integrated vision and action plan to develop CCU into a new industrial sector.

We believe that CCU can make a significant contribution to the goal of having a climate neutral Europe in 2050 through the reduction of net CO2 emissions from 4 crucial sectors of our economy: energy, process industry, transport and construction.


The association was founded in November 2017 building on the results and the enthusiasm generated by the SCOT (Smart CO2 Transformation) project. Funded through the European Union’s Research and Innovation Programme FP7, the SCOT project demonstrated that the development of CO2 Utilisation could bring significant benefits for Europe and its industry and that coordinated collective action is essential to accelerate its market development.

Mission and activities

The mission of CO2 Value Europe is to promote the development and market deployment of sustainable industrial solutions that convert CO2 into valuable products, in order to contribute to the net reduction of global CO2 emissions and to the diversification of the feedstock base away from fossil oil and gas.

We are the ambassador and spokesperson of the CCU community in Europe, raising awareness and gaining acceptance of the enormous potential of CCU to bring value to Europe both from a climate and from an economic perspective.

We work with EU and national policy makers to stimulate the development of a favourable regulatory and market framework, as required to create a business case for the commercial deployment of CCU solutions.

We support the development of flagship industrial demonstration projects by connecting partners with relevant expertise along the CCU value chain and by helping them get access to public and private sources of funding.

We also facilitate the development of a collective intelligence on CO2 capture and conversion technologies, to ensure a continuous reduction of cost and improvement of technical performance.

Membership Charter

CO2 Value Europe believes that CO2 Capture and Utilisation (CCU) can and should make a significant contribution to the fight against global climate change.

By joining our association, members recognize that climate change is a reality and that Europe and the world urgently need to transform their economies to make them sustainable. As a community, we believe that CO2 emissions need to be reduced immediately and significantly, and all CO2 Value Europe members therefore agree to promote only sustainable CCU solutions that contribute to a net reduction of global CO2 emissions, as explained in our Membership Charter.