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What is CCU?

CCU is a broad term that covers all established and innovative industrial processes that aim at capturing CO2 – either from industrial point sources or directly from the air – and at transforming the captured CO2 into a variety of value-added products such as synthetic fuels, chemicals and building materials.  Other terms such as CO2 transformation, CO2 conversion, CO2 recycling, CO2 valorization, or CO2 upcycling can also be used.

Our Vision:

We believe that CCU technologies offer a large panel of solutions to reach climate targets in reducing net CO2 emissions from 4 crucial sectors that are hard to abate: energy, process industry, transport and construction. CCU also has the potential of using CO2 to replace fossil carbon as feedstock in order to produce an infinite range of products.

Our Goal:

Make CCU become a key pillar of the transition to a sustainable economy in creating an integrated vision and action plan to develop CCU into a new industrial sector.

Our Actions:

  • Create a collective intelligence and raise awareness on CCU.
  • Connect partners and support the development of projects from the pilot and demonstration phases to the upscaling.
  • Advocate for favourable regulatory framework and market incentives to create the CCU industry of tomorrow.
  • Develop industry standards and rules across the entire CCU value chain.

Our Approach:

We bring together partners from the complete CO2 value chain, from the largest CO2 emitters, to the technology developers and to the CO2 users with a focus on 3 pillars: CO2-to-Chemicals, CO2-to-Fuels and CO2-to-Materials. We believe that together we can better address key issues faced by the nascent CCU industry.

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