Become a Member

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Added value

  • Shape the future of CO2 Utilisation in Europe
  • Develop and promote regulatory framework together
  • Increase public acceptance and support
  • Full visibility on state of the art technologies and potential partners
  • Joint demo projects
  • Funding opportunities beyond corporate financing
  • Accelerate own learning curve and commercialisation


Membership is open to private industrial companies with industrial and/or research activities in Europe, Research & Technology Organisations (RTOs), universities (or university departments), national/regional clusters, port and territorial development agencies, private investors or NGOs. Sectorial/trade associations at European or national level, policy makers and governmental agencies cannot become members.

There are two types of members:

Full members:

  • define the strategic orientations and key positions of the Association
  • have a voting right at the General Assembly and can be elected at the Board of Directors
  • can participate, chair and vote in all Working Groups and Task Forces
  • receive the full benefits available to members (full information, advanced notification of upcoming calls for projects, preferred conditions for events organised by the Association, etc.)
  • have the obligation to participate to at least 1 Working Group (except for small companies of less than 50 employees).

Industrial companies of large and medium size can only join as full members.

Associate members:

  • can contribute to the Association and receive privileged information (versus non-members)
  • can attend the General Assembly but cannot vote, and they cannot be elected at the Board of Directors
  • can participate in Working Groups and Task Forces (subject to approval by the Chairperson for the Working Groups involved in advocacy and external communication) but cannot chair nor vote
  • have access to key documents (e.g. roadmaps, position papers) developed by the Association and can propose comments before public release
  • benefit from preferred conditions (versus non-members) at events organised by the Association (e.g. conferences, projects matchmaking)


The annual membership fee depends on the type and size of members:

Yearly fee in start-up period (2018-9) Yearly fee after two years (2020-)
Large companies € 15,000 € 10,000
Other full members € 5,000 € 3,500
Associate members € 2,000 € 1,500

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