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Our members unite their forces to address key issues faced by the nacent Carbon Capture & Utilisation (CCU) industry.

Added value for our members

Our members benefit from a unique network where they can:

  • share knowledge and expertise
  • make their technology visible to potential partners and customers, whether that technology was developed in Europe or not.

Being part of our association also brings them the following services:

  • Connecting supply and demand for captured CO2, in order to test CO2 conversion technologies
  • Joint R&I and demo “flagship” CCU projects with partners, to upscale technology and drive costs down
  • Support to get public and private funding for projects
  • Spokespersons to represent the CCU community and boost general awareness and acceptance of CO2 utilisation technologies
  • Collective advocacy actions to build the relevant regulatory and economic framework
  • Collective work to define standards and guidelines for the new CCU industry


Membership is open to private industrial companies with an interest to develop activities in Europe. It is also open to Research & Technology Organisations (RTOs), universities (or university departments), national/regional clusters, port and territorial development agencies, private investors or NGOs who are based in Europe. Sectorial/trade associations at European or national level, policy makers and governmental agencies cannot become members.

There are two types of members:

Full members:

  • define the strategic orientations and key positions of the Association
  • have a voting right at the General Assembly and can be elected at the Board of Directors
  • can participate, chair and vote in all Working Groups and Task Forces
  • receive the full benefits available to members (full information, advanced notification of upcoming calls for projects, preferred conditions for events organised by the Association)
  • have the obligation to participate to at least 1 Working Group (except for small companies of less than 50 employees).

Industrial companies of large and medium size can only join as full members.

Associate members:

  • can contribute to the Association and receive privileged information (versus non-members)
  • can attend the General Assembly but cannot vote, and they cannot be elected at the Board of Directors
  • can participate in Working Groups and Task Forces (subject to approval by the Chairperson for the Working Groups involved in advocacy and external communication) but cannot chair nor vote
  • have access to key documents (e.g. roadmaps, position papers) developed by the Association and can propose comments before public release
  • benefit from preferred conditions (versus non-members) at events organised by the Association (e.g. conferences, projects matchmaking)


The annual membership fee depends on the type and size of members:

Categories Yearly membership fee Yearly fee after two years (2020-)
Large companies € 15,000 € 10,000
Other full members € 5,000 € 3,500
Associate members € 2,000 € 1,500