CO2 Value Europe is the industry-driven European Association which is committed to coordinate and represent the CO2 Utilisation community in Europe and to build up an integrated vision and action plan to develop CO2 Utilisation into a new industrial sector making a significant contribution to Europe’s low carbon economy.

It is the only association in Europe entirely dedicated to the subject, gathering stakeholders from all the relevant sectors of the CO2 value chain: CO2 emitters from all significant process and energy intensive industries, providers of decarbonated energy, industrial gas experts, transformation technology providers, and users of CO2-based products.


The association was founded in November 2017 building on the results and the enthusiasm generated by the SCOT (Smart CO2 Transformation) project. Funded through the European Union’s Research and Innovation Programme FP7, the SCOT project demonstrated that the development of CO2 Utilisation could bring significant benefits for Europe and its industry and that coordinated collective action is essential to accelerate its market development.


The mission of CO2 Value Europe is to promote the development and market deployment of sustainable industrial solutions that convert CO2 into valuable products, in order to contribute to the net reduction of global CO2 emissions and to the diversification of the feedstock base.

To set the pathway towards the development of complete CO2 Utilisation value chains over the medium/long term in Europe, an integrated Research & Innovation Roadmap will be articulated and serve as a reference to trigger the emergence of large scale multi-partner industrial pilot and demonstration projects across sectors and to guide public (EU / national) and private funding.

CO2 Value Europe closely cooperates with other initiatives and organisations that touch on the subject of CO2 to ensure complementarity, create synergies and stimulate innovation.

CO2 Value Europe is the right partner to work with the European and national institutions towards a regulatory framework that will incentivise the development of innovative technologies for CO2 Utilisation and their market uptake.

The association plays the ambassador role for the CO2 Utilisation community in Europe, raising awareness and gaining acceptance of the enormous potential that CO2 conversion has to bring value to Europe both from a climate and economic perspectives.

Membership Charter

CO2 Value Europe believes that CO2 Capture and Utilisation (CCU) can and should make a significant contribution to the fight against global climate change. All its members are therefore requested to adhere to and sign the following Membership Charter.

By joining the Association, the members:

  • Recognize that anthropogenic global warming is a reality and that CO2 emission mitigation is one of the largest and most serious challenges facing the world
  • Are committed to pushing forward measures and actions related to CO2 Utilisation technologies that contribute to the transition towards a low-carbon emission society as agreed in the COP21 Paris objectives
  • Will collectively define a strategic roadmap for CO2 Utilisation aimed at reducing net global CO2 emissions to the maximum extent possible within realistic industrial constraints
  • Will promote sustainable solutions that effectively contribute to a net reduction of global CO2 emissions based on accepted LCA standards