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Incorporated under the Belgian law as a non-profit international association, CO2 Value Europe has three governing bodies: a General Assembly, a Board of Directors and a Secretariat. Working Groups and Task Forces, with specific objectives and mandates, support the work of the association and report to the Board of Directors.

Board of Directors

Stefanie Kesting (Uniper)
Stefanie Kesting (Uniper)President
Jean-Yves Tilquin (Carmeuse)
Jean-Yves Tilquin (Carmeuse)Vice-President
Walter Eevers (VITO)
Walter Eevers (VITO)Vice-President
Eric Trodoux (Suez)
Eric Trodoux (Suez) Treasurer
Carl Berninghausen (Sunfire)
Carl Berninghausen (Sunfire)
Inés Hurtado (Solvay)
Inés Hurtado (Solvay)
Zanna McFerson (Avantium)
Zanna McFerson (Avantium)


Damien Dallemagne
Damien DallemagneSecretary General (acting)
Landry Cochard
Landry CochardSenior Advisor


There are currently no vacancies.